Monday, December 13, 2010


Hey mom!
I only have three minutes so I'll have to make this really fast.

I'm still here in Bago Bantay and Quezon City for this next transfer and I'm really happy. I've really grown to love this area and the people. My new companion is the best companion ever! Can't even explain. We've been having the best time. Most importantly, he's extremely obedient and I've been able to see the changes I've wanted to see in the work here because of his obedience. He's truly helped me to see the mission in a different light and I've had the best days so far with him. His name is Elder Tengelsen, and this is unfortunately his last transfer. He's from Montana and attends BYU. He loves people so easy and is a great example to me. I'm sure I'll have lots of more stories to tell you in the future.

Well the only really amazing thing that's happened aside of the work completely turning around now with Elder Tengelsen was the ward Christmas party this past week. It was so much fun. I love the wards here. The Filipino culture is just so much closer than the American culture. You address everyone as mom, dad, brother, or sister. The party was seriously just like a family reunion of games and fun. We have a few people we were teaching there and they really enjoyed it and made good friends. Sister Jen almost made me cry because she peeled me shrimp to eat because I told her that I don't know how to peel shrimp because you always used to peel it for me and Jason mom. She's taking care of us so no worries!

Anyway, I'll have more to write this next week, promise! Hope all is well back home. Gotta run!

Ingat kayo,
Elder Corpuz