Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thrown and tossed again.

Dear Mom,

I'm glad to just get your emails. I thought I wasn't going to hear from you again because it was so early! We went out to play volleyball early this morning so we've been out and about. And also congratulations dad on that job promotion! What good news to hear. I know dad you deserve it because you are the hardest working person I know. I'm so happy for you!

Last week was difficult. Not even halfway through email I got a phone call from one of the assistants telling me that  there had been a change last minute in transfers, and I would be leaving Plaridel, Bulacan for my last transfer. The shock took my appetite, energy, and smile for a significant amount of time.

So I spent the rest of the afternoon packing and wasn't really able to say goodbye to anyone. It was heart-tearing because we had a lot going for us, but I knew, deep down, that it was meant to be and that somehow, someway, things would be better in the end.

Last time I saw one of these was in my first area.

From my new bedroom window.

Weekly planning!

I am now in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Right in the middle of the mountains. Transfer meeting was very bittersweet. I walked in with a long shadow, but left with my smile that I had lost. My new companion's name is Elder Savage, from Utah (of course). And we are assigned in the Fransisco Homes Branch in the San Jose del Monte District. 

When I found out I would be coming to (what we call) the "SJDM" zone, I couldn't explain how happy I was, especially to be in the branch I'm in. My leaders are again, missionaries I've previously been companions with and been a part of their early training. Elder Tropia, my follow-up trainee from Montalban, is my zone leader here, and we were beyond excited to find out we'd be in the same zone again. I'm also with all of my favorite sisters again from Valenzuela again. It's been a great reunion, all I'm missing is Elder Jolley (who is now in Malolos!) and Elder Posadas.

The Floyds (far right) setting up our picnic yesterday.
We are also in the ward with one of the senior couples, and I love all the senior couples. I've gotten particularly close to the Floyds, who if you recall, came and spent my last night with me in Mapayapa. Now, we're in the same branch! Sister Floyd was so happy to hear that. She pulled me aside on transfer day and told me that she wanted to throw me a special picnic on Sunday to celebrate me coming into the ward. I was speechless in gratitude. She went out of her way, drove far places, and put together some sandwiches, a great cherry dessert, potato salad, and even bought some pretty expensive brownies just for me. She invited the other senior couple, the Larsons, to attend as well to make it even more special. I couldn't describe how thankful I was this past Sunday for their love and effort to welcome me here in SJDM.

Now, I've been thrown in and tossed around once again for my last transfer, after just getting my feet on the ground in Malolos. It's been hard, but I know it's going to be a good last test for me.
You told me exactly what I needed to hear for this week mom and dad. A couple weeks back, Sister Squires told me that I am a great missionary because the Corpuz family raised a great missionary, and I know that that is true. You have been the best parents I could ever ask for, and I will live exactly the way you have counseled me to do this last transfer. 

Be exactly obedient, as you said dad. Your absolutely right, that is the key and what brings the protection and happiness I need. And mom, I will continue to value and work hard for my short amount of time just like you said, not focusing on the things I will leave behind, but the story I will leave behind. I know you are right mom. It's so hard to focus on goodbyes, and nostalgically think of the past, but I will do as you say and not concentrate on leaving or even talk about it. I will push hard to the end, and be the missionary you raised me to be. Thank you for everything - you are both irreplaceable.

This Friday we will have an amazing opportunity to hear from an Apostle, Elder Russell M. Nelson. He arrived here in the Philippines last Thursday and is here to dedicate the brand new Missionary Training Center for Asia, here in Manila. It will be something we will all never forget.

Elder Corpuz

A cock-fight arena.