Monday, November 21, 2011

He is Aware.

Dear Mom,
Probably the best week of the transfer - speaking of which, is about to end. Where on earth does time go. So much to talk about, so little time! It's been a week full of experiences.

The week started out great. On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to do some community service in Santa Maria, Bulacan. We made the long trek over there and were expecting to help plant rice (now finding out that it's against the rules). We came prepared with our knives and what not, ready for an experience of a lifetime. Of course, when there are high expectations, there always seems to be some kind of let-down, and we didn't end up getting to plant rice. Instead, we got stuck doing a form of what we would in the states call, "weeding." I've got some great, great pictures.
The knives we bought were not made for weeding and were frequently falling apart. I think nearly half of the time we spent (and half of the pictures) were of us all putting our knives back together. Elder Posadas and I were pretty much the laughing stalk of everything - two city boys completely useless. I made sure to bring us matching sweat bands to work, I thought mom would laugh really hard seeing that, remembering the days I used to come out with a bandanna wrapped around my head going to play tennis early in the morning. The pictures are absolutely priceless.

My knife falling apart.

I nearly ate it, my flip flop got stuck!

Two completely useless elders.

Putting our "itak[s]" back together... again.

Saturday was the best and fun-nest (stay with me) temple tour I've ever experienced. Our group wasn't too huge, but we combined with Elder Posadas and Elder Hawkins, since it seemed like they were the only ones left without a jeep. We had a great time and took lots of pictures. I was surprised to see Sister Grace from my first area. She was pretty excited to see me, and I'm glad she remembered me! Elder Posadas and I also put together (in the jeepney ride on the way there) a little original rendition of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" on guitar that we got to perform for the people we brought. I got a video that I'll have to have uploaded for you to see someday.

This is a cool pictures. Elder Posadas' dad is a big architect for the church and gave Elder Posadas a small project... and well, this was the project! Elder Posadas actually designed this little circle thing, did all the sketches on the computer and  what not and well, made it happen! Pretty cool to be able to say you have a piece of you at the temple.

Sister Grace

Me and Elder Posadas' matching shoes.

Saturday we had a baptism - it was beautiful.

Remember the "Prophet-test" from Hungry Haven?

Future Elder Corpuz.

Me and the Corpuz family!

Just in case you didn't get it last week.
And then today, we had our last zone activity. We cooked chicken in a polynesian-style made pit and then put banana leaves on a table, rice on top, and just chowed down with our hands and had lunch together. Not exactly my cup of tea eating with my hands, but it was still really fun. Elder Posadas and I got a great laugh out of each other seeing each other this morning. It was definitely one of those great minds think alike things (that may be a stretch). When we saw each other, we both just started laughing so hard because we both, for the first time, were wearing jeans. Yeah that sounds really stupid and gay, but it was funny to us alright haha. He said when he was getting ready this morning, he thought to himself, "Is Elder  Corpuz going to wear jeans today?" and then thought about texting me, but then just decided that he knew I would. I also went through a similar thought process, so us seeing each other, both in jeans at the same time, for the first time, was absolutely hilarious.

Me and Elder Posadas putting together a better version of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" earlier.



You would've laughed.

So as I was trying to take a picture with this animal - I stepped into it's... leave-behinds.
Above all, one thing that I've really thought about this week though, is how God is aware of me and all of us for that matter. I've thought about the difficulties I've had this week, but at the same time, how great things always seem to come into my life to follow to build and lift me up. All these great, building moments have strengthened me through what could have potentionally been a really difficult week. But because God loves and knows me personally, I felt like He knew exactly what I needed to lift me up - great friends, great experiences, and a joy that just is irreplaceable.

Hope Thanksgiving is great back home. I actually won't even be in my area for Thanksgiving this year, I'll be in Meycuauyan, Bulacan on exchanges. It's okay though, Thanksgiving is only the best with family though so I won't be too bummed to not have a Thanksgiving dinner. I'll keep you guys posted on the news for next transfer, I'll be hoping to stay, but know I've been here for awhile so we'll see!

Elder Corpuz