Sunday, October 30, 2011

Worthy vs. Perfect

Dear Mom,

Somehow, we survived last week and made it out okay. I won't be seeing you until next summer.

These past four days have not been exactly the heavenly experience to say the least. I've been preparing all morning for my workshop for our zone tomorrow, and since that's all I can seem to think about, I'll share that with you too.

Tomorrow, the workshop will be on being worthy, versus being perfect. I'll be talking about ways that missionaries need to prepare to be able to handle Satan's storms when they come without warning, and his special tactics that he uses for missionaries, and in all honesty, regular people alike. This is my workshop - 

In order to be prepared for anything - if we can compare this to a natural disaster, we must know how the disaster works. We must study, assume outcomes, and prepare to provide for whatever the disaster has in store. So in beginning, let's discuss Satan's tactics for his missionaries.

Satan works through two ways on his missionaries- always circling back to the first. One, is straight, illogical disobedience. This is the more difficult of the two, because missionaries (I'll stop using missionaries and assume people) are aware that temptations for disobedience will come. So we are prepared for that. The latter, is something we don't consider. Where disobedience is straight against the law and is easy to combat, there is a back door where Satan can convince anyone, that disobedience is logical. He does this through mind games, by making ourselves enemies to ourselves. He persuades us to hate ourselves, and convinces us that we aren't good enough, that we are not perfect enough. This is something that most people don't consider, and then when they are caught in clouds of depression or pity, Satan pushes them to justify disobedience, denying blessings and heavenly protection. What a cunning plan.

In combating, it's important that we are prepared. When we feel ourselves in trouble, with - none-the-less - ourselves, we do have control, and we need to be aware of what's coming. Satan only attacks when we are vulnerable, so it's important that we recognize what makes us vulnerable. Here is something I've considered may help when we find ourselves stuck and blinded.

First, and foremost, pray. Everything starts with a prayer.
Second, increase obedience. Increase obedience, increase blessings, increase protection.
Third, be aware of weaknesses. Satan is going to attack the where you are vulnerable - things you have barely repented of, so it's necessary to be prepared to withstand temptation in that area.
Last, serve. Serve is the fastest way to love, and as Elder Tengelsen says, "There is no defense against love."

So in being aware and preparing, we become, as a people, preventors (if you will) instead of reactors. It's always better to be prepared, like you always say mom, instead of regretting that you weren't.

It's not exactly profound, but I feel like in simplicity we can find comfort. It's important that preparation and awareness are a part of our daily lives in wanting to do our best to live our best. 

I guess that's it in a nutshell - cutting out all the fluff I've decided to put in tomorrow. As for now - pressing forward with second chances seems to be the way. It's difficult, but it's handle-able. With great friends in the zone like Elder Posadas, great leaders, and great companions (not forgetting family of course), life is just that much easier. And in the end, yet again, all is well.

Elder Corpuz
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