Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To Be Continued

Dear Mom,
I just read my last email and just laughed and laughed and laughed. What on earth was I trying to accomplish? It sounded like some kind of crazy paper that I put together on the morning of the due date. I'll just skip the flower and just give you me - that will be a lot better.

This has been a super long week and this P-day has been really long awaited. The verdict?

For the second time in my whole mission - there will be no change in the companionship or the area. Corpuz and Jolley shall continue to rock.


Man, when we found out, and then found out our best friends in the zone also were staying, it was all screams, laughs, and smiles (screams, of course, on my behalf). Although it will be really hard to say goodbye to Elder Montesclaros who has become a big brother to our whole zone, and the two sisters, change will be good. I'll miss the sisters especially. Sister Lubrido was like the big sister of the whole zone and always reminded me that I reminded her of her little brother, so she took care of me as one. Sister Mila is just always a riot. I feel like if I met mom about 20 years ago, I would meet Sister Mila - loud, funny, but the person that everyone loves so much. Valenzuela it is.

This week was fantastic, but super tiring. We were so lucky to have a baptism this week (that I'll have to make sure to steal pictures from Elder Jolley for next week), our favorite little, smart ten-year-old - John John. I love this kid so, so much. He's about maybe two feet tall... alright maybe taller than that, but not much past my hip, and we just... love him so much! He's become like our baby brother and the kid is extremely intelligent. He outdoes his older sister by far who is almost 13. On his day for his interview, while we were walking to pick him up at his house, we ran into him and he ran up to me smiling asking, "It's my interview today right Elder?" I responded yes and asked him, "Yep, are you ready?" and probably one of the most touching, simple experiences in my whole mission, he smiled and said, "Yeah Elder, I'm ready!" After his interview that night, he came out of the room running and gave me a big hug around me knees and said, "Elder, I passed, I passed!" It was definitely one of the times only tears could describe. His dad came and picked him up on his trike, and he turned around the whole ride back waving and screaming too us with a big smile, "Bye elders! See you tomorrow!" His baptism came out great, with full support of the ward and the other young men we are teaching. His mom, brothers and sisters, as well as myself and Elder Jolley are really proud of him.

This is going to be strange but I'm going to stop my email right here, and call a to be continued because we are chasing time right now.

BUT, I did make sure to attach pictures - tell you about them all next week!

Elder Corpuz

P.S. Thanks mom and dad for the new sweet camera! Hope you like the pictures - I've been getting carried away with the child-ish effects.