Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time to be Jolly.

Dear Mom,
This transfer, all few days of it, have been amazing so far. It's definitely been an answer to a lot of prayers. I don't have too much time so I'll try to do my best to include everything and keep it short. I really need to stop saying that.

Well, my new companion's name is Elder Jolley - probably going to be one of my favorite companions alongside Elder Tengelsen and Elder Tropia. Elder Jolley is a 19 year-old from San Diego, CA. He's about 6'4" and is your typical Cali boy for the most part - surfer, wicked accent, confidence, and all in between. One of the funnies thing is he uses words like "awesome" and "legit" sometimes even "ridiculous" when he prays - it's super funny. He was actually trained by Elder Haws which is pretty awesome. It took is all of five minutes for us to just click right away, which is definitely great, and you want to know what the turning point was? Under everything, Elder Jolley at heart, like me, is a band geek too! Marching band and all. Also did choir, so he's way musically inclined which I really appreciate. It was really funny when he mentioned it. I mean usually, saying you were in marching band isn't one of the first things you say when you talk to other people, but when you find out that you've met a fellow band-nerd, the riot begins. It was a perfect match.

And the match gets even better. Without going too much into detail, I thought about a letter that my friend Mike Swindle sent me about a month ago, who is on his mission in California right now. This was the time when everything had gone down hill with Enrique and I was having a really hard time, even though until today it still is difficult. Mike told me that I would understand why, and that everything was for a reason. I feel like I know why now. You're never going to believe it.

I know that you don't know exact details, and that's not really necessary. But this is what blows my mind - everything I went through in helping Enrique and then having things fall apart, all the hurt and pain - the whole package, everything I experienced, Elder Jolley had just experienced in his last area. Nearly the same situation, nearly the same details, but exactly the same pain. I would have never thought anyone would ever go through what I went through, but surprise, surprise little did I know. So we've been working through together. Helping one another, and building up one another. It's been really great my whole mission to see God's hand in paring me with the people I've been paired with. I'm excited to see what a great transfer this will be. It's truly been an answer to so many prayers.

On an even better note, we had a baptism last week that turned out great, although it started two hours late. That's Filipino time for ya. Emy is going to be one of my favorite converts. She right away recognizes how important the gospel was for her and is wanting to share it with everyone now. Elder Jolley was gracious enough to let me copy some of his pictures so at least you can share the memory with us.

Anyway, things seem to really be looking up for me here, plus I got a way great haircut today so I know it's going to be a good week. I hope all is well back home. Love you all and miss you tons.

Elder Corpuz