Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's All About Love.

Dear Mom,

It's been a fast, short week. I guess all weeks are similar in length, but this one didn't really entail much. We have finally found an apartment, but we are suffering for a bit. This morning we moved out of our old apartment, and into the nearest one, with the other elders in our district for about a week until we can move into our new one next week. It's going to be a rough week. Just imagine the loft we have... now imagine four desks, four beds, a fridge, bathroom, and a place to wash clothes. Now add a dining table, kitchen, and luggages. That's what we're living in, like sardines for the next week. Oh well, nothing we can do right? It's all about the experience!

For now, we are finally getting started with our work here. It's been a long way in coming.

This past week, I've really thought about one thing - love. It's such a powerful thing, and it influences everything. I've thought about that Carrie Underwood song, over and over. "When you figure out love is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything else seem so small." I had personal revelation in the shower the other day while singing that, here is what I realized.

Carrie Underwood is a prophet-ess, and is right. Love is all that matters. Every decision is affected by what we love. When we love God the most, and put Him before everything else, our lives our set. But when we love ourselves, our desires, or, like in one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs, our sins, that is where we can get in trouble. People do crazy things when they are in love - that's from Hercules. So in the past week, that's been my focus: learning to love God, our Heavenly Father Who has given us so much. We love Him, because He loved us first, and when we do that, our lives will go smooth. Carrie Underwood is truly a genius. Too bad she married a Canadian.

I guess that's really all for now. Hopefully we will have a more eventful week next week. Can't believe I'll be turning 21 already in just a few days...September 1st is coming up so fast! I'll miss you guys on that day, but I'll make sure to remember that next birthday, we can make up for the past two years.

Hope all is well at home, love you all and miss you tons.

Elder Corpuz

P.S. I have gotten to know so many more Corpuzes here! Kiel Corpuz, was baptized last Saturday in my last area, and I heard it went great. Also, in my new ward, a member of the bishopric is a Corpuz! Along with his family of course. We took a picture together and he said he would attach it to his family genealogy!