Monday, August 1, 2011

Fourth Area

Dear Mom,
This is going to be a short email. I don't have too much to say this week.

I am now in my fourth area with my eighth companion in Marulas, Valenzuela - right next to my second area and very far from the beautiful mountains of Montalban.

This has been the hardest change of my whole mission.

Leaving Ampid and San Mateo was so, so hard. We did have a good last night though with our ward missionaries. We all went out to eat at Mang Inasal and had a last great night of bonding for a few hours. I gave each of the  boys a tie and each of the girls a remembrance page. And then after dinner, each person went around and said a little personal goodbye. It was a nice way to end and leave the area. I was sad Enrique couldn't come because of the strong rain - his mom needed him to take care of the house just made up of a few nailed boards as you could see last week. He was able to send a few good texts though to say goodbye which were very touching. It was probably the saddest night of my whole mission. I will never forget that transfer, it was too good to be true. I miss everyone there so, so much.

Now, my new companion is Elder Oliva from Bikol. He's really funny and is really good at cooking. We are opening an area which means we are both brand new here, neither of us know anything about anyone or anywhere, and we are just starting from scratch. The ward has had bad experiences with missionaries in the past, so we will be working to gain their trust back. Our new zone is really fun, and it should be a good transfer.

I'm still having problems letting go of the problems. It hurts still so much, but I guess that's life. Keep the prayers coming, I as well as Enrique could use heaven on our side right now. Hope all is well back home. Love you and miss you all so, so much.

Elder Corpuz