Monday, June 13, 2011

I have faith in that.

Dear Mom,
I'm sorry this is going to be horribly short, my companion and I aren't feeling well at all so I'll either send a really long email next week or ask president for permission to email again when we are feeling better.

Well this week has been fast, sad, and eventful. We had our goodbye zone conference on Friday as the last meeting that the mission will ever hold. People were given two hours to say whatever they wanted, and of course, they had me put on a musical number of all the other 180 missionaries that could have. (Have I mentioned that of the three Sundays I've been here, somehow they've made me participate musically?) It was pretty sad, but the majority of the missionaries I wanted to say were on other days so it wasn't too hard. President DeLaMare sang to us which was awesome, he sang "God Be With You Til We Meet Again," of course, with his country twang. The only person that was really hard to say bye to was Elder Haws and the Christensen Senior Couple (Who will probably be in touch with you!). I got lots of pictures and just have the comfort of knowing that this is not the end and there never will be an end to friendship. The future is going to be just amazing.

Funny experience - so I've mentioned how wherever you go (Even in the deep mountains!) there is kareoke here in the Philippines. Well the other day, we dropped by a members house and we heard the kareoke from at least one hundred feet away. At about ten feet, I just looked at Elder and said... "You have to be kidding me right?" It was Kareoke Church Hymns! Yeah! Gotta love them Filipinos!

Also awesome tid bit mom, (No I haven't learned how to climb a coconut tree yet but plan on learning!)But! I've been getting WAY awesome at cooking (took lots of pictures for you to see) And! This week my companion taught me how to peel a mango with just a knife! Yeah! I can peel with just a knife! No peeler! I was cooking and when I got to the mango (Have a mango at the end of every meal! Apple-mango is the best!) and before I went to go to Elder Tropia, I just looked at the mango and told myself... that I could do it! (Get it dad?)(This email has so many parentheses, I forgot what the correct term for that is)(Can you register how proud of myself I am?) This week it will be learning to open a can with a knife.

Had a temple tour this week, it was awesome! My ward has a lot of youth and they brought their friend. It was way fun! We packed 26 people in one jeep!

And just a last spiritual experience, we were walking through the forest, (Can you imagine?) to find a members house that hasn't been to church in ages. So when we got there, they had just arrived from the hospital. The wife has gone through several strokes and can't talk but can understand and hear. The husband and wife are the only members in the family and they have been through a lot in their little bamboo hut. They say their kids are all moved out and hard-headed, but they have such strong faith that they will be whole in the church one day. When it was time to leave, I asked if it would be alright if we just left a blessing on the home, and brother just responded, "Of course, I have a lot of faith in that." When it was time to pray, sister did her best to cross her arms and shut her eyes, and by the time the prayer was over, we were all in tears as sister did her best to open her eyes again and mumble "Amen."

I just can't describe how much I love this place and this area. I came here and there was not much, but just in the past two weeks, we have been seeing miracles beyond what we can imagine. People are falling into our hands and just wanting to change their lives and be happy. The wards are great, I love the both so much! The youth and ward missionaries are amazing. I can't describe how much I love this place. I can honestly say, I would be satisfied if this was my last area.

Mom, dad, Jason, have the best fun at BYU this weekend. Jason, give it your best and I know you will love it. I'm praying for you along with the rest of the world. I'm proud of you kiddo.

Elder Corpuz

Sister Rose Mary (who I mentioned last week) was able to attend church this week with her three children.