Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Want Me to Do What?

Dear Mom,
Well it's transfer week so... this email is going to be really short because my companion needs to pack. I will not be packing.

So yeah! I'm here for another transfer and I'm really, really happy. I will miss Elder Daly a lot though. He has been an awesome, awesome companion. He is really nice and probably will be one of my very best friends at home. I hope that he will be well in his next area.

Well just a funny experience this week real quick. So I was on exchanges with a good friend and Elder, Elder Peterson, and we went to talk to a family who just had a baby. Before we left, they asked Elder Peterson to lick his finger and touch the baby's stomach. When I first heard this, I was super confused. Of course, it was not in English, so I repeated it to him in English...

"Elder... did she just ask you to lick your finger... and touch the baby's stomach?"
"Is that how you heard it too?"

The lady was seriously getting straight up offended that Elder Peterson wasn't going to do it, so a kid came and grabbed him and forced him to do it... and then as I was laughing, they grabbed my hand, shoved it in my face, and made me do the same as well. Their superstitions are crazy. We texted President after and he just thought it was way funny. Man, gotta love the Philippines.

So here's the deal, I have everything written down that I want to share, but no time left so I will send you a better email next week okay? It's getting late and we have a lot to do. Take care!

Elder Corpuz