Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Mom,
It's hard to believe I'm in my fifth transfer and fifth companion out here. The time has been flying - it seems like every other week is a transfer week.

Well, not even a few days and I've had another good experience. I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures of our facials with our zone leaders dad, I don't know if I'll ever do that again. That hurt so much! Anyway, last night, we were at dinner at Bishop Lamoste's house and their cat was getting into my bag. So I nudged the cat with my phone to get it off and it full-on dug its teeth and paws into my leg. I, of course, milked it far beyond what it was to make everyone laugh. Now, Sister DeLaMare has me on an antibiotic and I'll probably have to get another tetanus shot just to be safe. Wohoo. Aray ko talaga.

As for my companion, I bet you're really excited to hear all about him right? You should be! He's awesome. His name is Elder Daly, and guess what, he's almost just like me - a, what they call here, "Fil-Am." A Fil-Am is a, well, Filipino-American. Elder Daly is half Filipino, half white - his mom is from the Visayas. He looks more white than Filipino though so he's not expected, as much as I am, to speak fluently. He is also a music major and is an amazing pianist (but not first in the state of Nevada like Jason ;D). That's the first smiley I've ever used in an email. He is very talented musically so we have a lot to relate to there. He's very nice and we're getting along very well.

Elder Christensen has been called as a district leader, is training, and also opening up a new area. Can we say responsibility.

Not much really has happened in the past few days. I hope all is well back home! It's kind of been strange here and raining a lot with cool weather. Usually summer would have started already. Maybe it's the whole global warming thing? I don't know.

In closing, just wanted to leave you with a little scripture that I loved this morning and a quote from Elder Haws.

"If we just work as hard as we can, good things are going to happen."

Elder Corpuz