Monday, February 14, 2011

Araw Ng Mga Puso

Magandang araw ng mga puso!
That's what they call Valentines Day here, "The Day of Hearts." Love is in the air here, as probably is there in the states. I was just telling my companion about how last year, me, Preston, and Nyal just spent Valentines day with you doing fondue at Auntie Liz's house. Can you believe that was already a year ago? My companion got me a huge heart sucker and I got him some flowers. We're also going out as a zone later today and getting facials and pedicures just to be funny. Can you imagine that? Sixteen missionaries getting facials and pedicures? Gotta love my zone of Ilokanos, Australians, and Americans!

Speaking of my zone. We had a great zone activity today. My zone is pretty much solid elders so it's way awesome - we're all pretty much like brothers too, we're way tight. We have two sisters in our zone, Sister Bonafe from Negros, PI and Sister Goud from India. We played lots of games today and got to play basketball which was way fun. I'm pretty much a pro after taking beginners basketball at BYU 'di ba? And then we just went inside and played some games. I love playing games with other Filipinos. I love the people here. Everyone just reminds me of you all, my family. They're all so fun and loud and it's always a great time. Everything is all laughs and smile all the time.

I heard from Elder Tengelsen today! Have you heard from him yet? I left him our number so he could call you and you could ask him questions about any experiences we had. It was really good to hear from him.

Well this past week, nothing really crazy has happened. Summer is starting and we're all really dreading it. We've been hearing all these horror stories about how it gets so hot that you sweat like you're crying. You sleep in just a pool of sweat every night, and even though a fan is on you, it just blows hot air. When you shower, the water is warm, and the moment it runs off you, you just start sweating again. It's crazy. I can't imagine it being that hot. It's been sunny for the past few days and it's like the sun is just a few feet away. It's so, so humid. Like nothing you can ever imagine. I've never missed air conditioning so much!

I've been learning lots and lots of Ilokano this past week, so hopefully I'll be able to talk when I get back with you too! Ana met ten!

Anyway, this past week has been pretty good. We're preparing two of the people we are teaching for baptisms this Saturday. As a zone we have about 40 people being baptized this coming week so it's going to be a great stake baptism.

For now, I'll keep you posted on any crazy events as they happen. We have a few Barangay fiestas coming up so it's going to get crazy around here. I miss you all tons, Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Corpuz