Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elder Tengelsen.

Dear mom,
Well, so much to email about. I have a few funny moments to share first though.

Last week was great. We got to work more than we have been able to all transfer. A few funny stories that I know you will like. While we were at a family's house that we're teaching, we asked the mother to pray for us and in the middle of her prayer she said, "Nagpapasalamat po ako para kina Elder...(nakalimutan niya)Itim and Elder Puti." Or for Jason, "I thankful for (grand pause) Elder Black and Elder White." It was pretty hard not to laugh but I was still thankful that she was grateful for our visit.

Than later on in the week we were riding in a taxi a night that we were running late to dinner with the Angoluans (of course) and I asked for the guy to stop at the "pilay." Elder Tengelsen just looked at me and smirked. One we got out of the car he was like... "Elder, what was the word you used for 'bridge?'" and I responded that I knew it sounded like "pilay" but knew it wasn't right. "Pilay" means a "crippled person," "tulay" means "bridge."

I've also gotten really good at sniffing out turon on the streets which is so good. It's just banana lumpia or bananas, wrapped in egg roll wrapper, and fried with brown sugar.

Finally, this one happened during our Christmas conference. We were practicing our special musical number in the chapel when I realized I was sweating an awful lot. I forgot to put on deodorant. So I grabbed my companion, told him it was "a crises" and when we ran out, I confessed that I just forgot to put on deodorant. He laughed at we made it to a small store where all they had was women's deodorant in a "sachet" which is basically a ketchup packet. When I walked in, my previous zone leader, Elder Sewell, was just like... it smells like you just stuffed apples in your armpits. Better than nothing right?

Well that's all for the funny moments. This week hasn't been all too funny though.

Can't remember the last time I cried this much - but I guess you know I'm a cry baby as it is already.

Elder Tengelsen and I parted ways yesterday morning. It was the hardest goodbye I can remember since I left home. Elder Tengelsen really not only saved my mission, but changed my life. He had so much patience and love for me and always was there for a shoulder to cry on when times were hard. We became the best of friends over this past transfer because we helped each other and loved one another. This morning at our district meeting we talked about miracles. And when we were asked about what miracles we felt happened this past transfer, I told them about the experience Elder Tengelsen and I had together. At the beginning of the transfer, we sat down, and expected so much. Elder Tengelsen is an amazing, amazing missionary, and I expected to see so much change and turn for the better. We expected to see miracles in the area.

If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

We did see miracles, but not the ones we expected. We saw miracles in each other. Elder Tengelsen helped me to change from the impatient, quick to anger, egotistical big head I am, into something completely different. It's been hard, for both of us, but each trial brought us closer. He's helped me to see my faults and to do my best to change them. We didn't see the miracles we wanted, but I know that God saw what he wanted to see. I wish the transfer could have been better for him though. He will probably stand the test of time as my favorite companion. I cried and cried and cried on Tuesday when he left. The whole last week has been hard dreading that day. I guess you know me, terrible at goodbyes and always missing people way more than they miss me. I was a baby about it though and well, he didn't shed really tears because he was such in a rush to leave. It was the hardest thing to watch my companion drive away in a taxi, but I'm excited for his future and the future we'll have as friends back at BYU.

The whole rest of the day yesterday was just hard. The zone leaders came over because I was struggling so much and gave me a blessing of comfort. I got to talk to Elder Suelzel for awhile and it really helped so much. I'm glad that God calls the leaders who He needs to help us as missionaries. Even though it was really out of the way, they came when I didn't even ask. Then Bishop Angoluan came and picked me up because I had called Sister Jen in tears earlier that morning, and took me out to lunch. I lost my appetite to eat since my companion left, but Sister Jen won't let me not eat. Lunch and dinner yesterday they fed me and all we talked about, for the full hours we were together, was Elder Tengelsen. All the funny things that happened. How he was strictly obedient. Always happy, always loving. And so many other great things. Elder Robbins, the other kid from Vegas is my companion until tomorrow.

And another heart-breaking surprise.

I'm getting transferred.

We found out this morning. I wanted to stay, but it's time to leave. I know that it's revelation from our Father in heaven so I will sustain it because I know he will put me where I need to be. So again, today I'm all tears. I love this area so much and love the people in the ward and that we are teaching so, so much. They are so special to me, and I'll never forget my first area. I'll be packing for the rest of the day and saying bye to everyone. It was unexpected, because both of the missionaries will be new and not know anything, but I know it's all for a good reason. There are never really goodbyes in the gospel anyway, just God be with you until we meet again.

As for now, I'll do my best to keep my head on straight and love and remember the lessons Elder Tengelsen has taught me. I love you all so much, and will email you again really soon!

Elder Corpuz